Dropdown in payment or receipt page

Would it in anyway be possible to make the Payee list a true dropdown and scrollable list? Because it makes for easier selecting when putting in a new payment or receipt. And also to have all the companies or persons listed in that same dropdown list.
How it works at the moment it is great, sometimes, but not all of the time.
Just a suggestion.

What you see is not a list of payers or payees, which are not stored as such. You are seeing suggestions from the auto fill feature. Type a few more characters and the options will narrow rapidly. The program has no use for the information, so it is not in the accounting portion of the database.

Yeah, I get that.
My thought though it would have been better to have the payees and payers show up in a dropdown list, so you don’t always have to type in the so called “suggestions”.
Because the thing is, after having a bunch of payees the least used ones just disappear from that list so you have to type the whole thing in again.
Like I said, it was just an idea to improve stuff.

The problem is that you could end up with a list with thousands and thousands of names the program has no use for. Imagine a retail store with hundreds of payers each day.

@Dutchie I think that this item in the ideas list is similar to what you need. If so, vote for it and bump it to the top of the list.

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No, @AJD, it is not quite the same. The point of the idea is to be able to link already-defined customers or suppliers to payments and receipts so non-credit sales and purchase transactions can be included in statements. The idea, if implemented, would not provide a dropdown list of every previous payee or payer.

I understand that part of it @Tut, but I presume that if customers and suppliers are linked to receipts and payments then a drop down list for customers/suppliers would be available in receipts/payments. It would then be feasible to have payees/payers in this list provided a customer/supplier was created first.


Possibly so, depending on how such a linkage were implemented. Remember, customers and suppliers are available—for example, on invoices—because subsidiary ledgers have been created for them. Such ledgers do not—and presumably still would not—exist for other payers/payees.