Copy Customer to Supplier and vice versa

Dear @lubos, since my proposal to have a common contact list was somehow rejected would it be possible to have a copy function (including custom fields with the same name) between Customers and Suppliers?

My preference is to have a single contacts database with a tick box to indicate if the business interacts with that entity in one or more of the following manners (appears in one or more of these lists):

  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Expense claim payer
  • Employee

The advantage is, it then allows reports to be generate summarizing all the interactions of that contact with the business. Balancing credits and debits across the various roles also becomes directly supportable when a receipt or payment is made.

This has been supported by a broad range of user as summarized here

It seems somehow that the common contact list didn’t have a big success. I agree with you… however in the meantime it would be useful the copy function.

Ability to copy customers to new suppliers and vice versa added to the latest version (21.1.52).


Thanks. I haven’t test it yet. Does it copy also custom fields with the same name?