Rebranding desktop edition=> Eto.dll file is missing in package

Hello Guys,
I need your help i am almost new to this software and need to rebrand Manager it… I followed this guide
download source code from this link
I am facing issue file name Eto.dll is missing in downloaded package so i am unable to complete the rebranding procedure.

I then deleted Eto.dll file via advanced installer window which is showing Eto.dll as a missing file.


after deleting this build get completed and generate a .msi file.
If i install .msi file manager is not opening.

Note: I tried many times and download all the material from official site my package does not contain Eto.dll file… it is important as you can see in guide picture they are showing this file present too but still not available in official package
Someone help me kindly

This was a bug. The latest version (18.11.52) includes Eto.dll in source package.

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Thanks lubos for new update but now new update is missing file name Eto.WinForms.dll
kindly add it also in new update soon.

My bad. Try again.

Thanks… can you tell me how to remove feedback icon in manager software.Capturefeed

Just delete Feedback.url from installation directory or replace content with your link.