Rebrand the desktop edition (Windows)

When I use “Rebrand the desktop edition (Windows)”, can i remove “Learn how to” and everything about it?

When i rebrand this application, like example, i want to my client to contact by website,guide,forum like i want. Tq.

Have you read the guide Rebrand the desktop edition (Windows)?

I hope your customers are a bit more diligent looking for answers than you are or you will be inundated with questions :wink:

Instead I’ve tried it and to see how to stay there. If so, why use this facility if the user can still access “Learn how to”?

I take it this doesn’t work

However, if you want to hide links to our Guides from within your program, simply delete the Guides.json file from Application Folder

Tq Joe, it work.

this link is not found when i try to open it i get the response "404
Page not found :frowning:

The requested page could not be found.

regarding Learn how to links:

delete the Guides.json file from your Manager installation folder if you do not wish to show them.

regarding Support page:

edit the Support.html file in your Manager installation folder with any text editor and save it. you can also delete the file if you do not wish to show the Support page.

regarding Users page:

delete the Users.html file from your Manager installation folder to hide the page.

NOTE: these files will be recreated/replaced as default every time you update Manager.

You were looking at a two year old post. The program evolves rapidly.