Downloading Source Package

Please how do I download the source package? I cant find it on the website

It’s only .msi file there the source package is not on the page

Then the developer does not mean for you to have it. Manager is not open source software.

This guide references it. I’m not sure why it would not be available any longer.

I’ve moved the links to a separate page. It’s now at

I am not sure who is responsible for updating the guides, but the one I referenced above still links to the original downloads page.

The Guide’s source content has been updated with the new link. The web page will update within 24 hours.

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The link you referred to is no longer available. Please, I can only use the .exe file, the .msi won’t work for me. Is there any way you can post it somewhere? Thankyou so much. I am desperate!

The binaries are now hosted on Github. Here is the link to zip file of the latest version:

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I am having a problem with the .aip file in the folder, is all ok?

What problem are you having? Just saying you have a problem will not result in any help.

Well, trying to open it for the rebranding doesn’t work, technically the file is not in the source code archive and only the exe is there, though when you open it, this is what it shows:

It is fine, I made my own aip from the .msi and rebranded the latest desktop version available on the website. It takes a little work but can still be done without the source code if you know your way around.