Reading the Guides

I wonder should there be a sticky topic at the top of forum saying “Please read the Guides.They have the answer to 90% (or whatever % you think fit) of the questions raised here.” and a link to the Guides?

And when you start a New Topic have a button to say Yes I have read the Guide or No I haven’t read the Guide?

i do not think Manager can do anything about the design of forum page.
the forum platform is built by Discourse.

anyway having a sticky topic at the top or not, users who navigate to the FORUM page without moving the cursor over the GUIDES page just beside it, will still be asking questions. it is human nature to get a personalized individual attention rather than doing it themselves. or should i say ourselves :wink:

It’s OK for people to ask questions covered in guides. Mostly because when you are attempting to start new topic, Discourse will suggest “similar” topics based on what you are trying to post (before you actually post it).

And if Discourse can’t recommend “similar” topic, then maybe topic should be created, answered and then topic can be recommended automatically by the system to future visitors.

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Yes, but because Manager is such an evolving product, frequently the Discourse recommended “similar” topic (using key words) has already been made redundant which just misleads users.

Secondly, so frequently new topics are just resolved with the simple comment “Read this Guide” which indicates that the Guides heading in itself is not standing out enough.

Therefore, having a “sticky” would give (a) the Guides that additional prominence (first port of call) and (b) stop leading users on a wild goose chase around out dated and redundant topics.