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I’m trying to get to know Manager and have read through a lot of topics here but I can’t seem to find the guides anywhere (often referred to in replies) - i just get the list of guide topics but doesn’t lead to anywhere Guides | Manager. When clicking a subject, all that happens is a speech bubble pop-up with short definition of the word… Managed somehow to get to a page which did look promising Guides | Manager but when using left hand navigation to ‘Payslips’ for example, the only text on the target page is ‘Payslips are for the purpose of issuing payslips to employees.’ Hmm, what am I not getting??

The developer is in the process of updating the guides. The old guides are now here and are more detailed but some stuff is out of date. The new guides are here.

When you open in the program, you should be going to the new guides. If you are running an older version, you are probably being pointed to the old location of the guides. The old location no longer exists.

I can’t see anything about payslips in the old guides, so it might be best if you make a new topic and post your question about payslips. You can also search the forum to see if your question has been previously asked. Hope this helps.

Thank you dalacor, the links in your reply takes me to new ground!
I didn’t realise that the desktop version I downloaded just the other week had already been updated to a new version! So I’ve just now downloaded latest version and installed, but the link to Guides from within desktop version (windows) still takes me to same page as before

But I will use your link for now and keep eyes open for new updates
And yes, forums are great help

That page you displayed is the new guides! So the program is working correctly. The new guides were only put up about two weeks ago and as you can see they are not complete yet.

The program is updated regularly. If you look on the homepage you will see a link at the bottom called release notes.

Maybe the training channel on the partners page would be of help. [Training Videos][1]

The program is updated quite frequently so guides have not kept up with the changes.