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Hi Everyone,
I used Manager for a couple of years and thought it was good but my accountant wanted me to move over to Xero. I hated XERO - I had to ring the accountant to resolve issues that I could resolve myself with MYOB and Manager.
I was wondering whether it is better to start a new account with Manager or try to use the old account. The problem I had with my old file is I used BUILDING MATERIALS both in expenses and sales. My accountant said I needed to have a Sales account for materials sold and an Expense account materials purchased. I made the mistake when I first set up the original file.

If I use the original file how would I account for the missing two years?

Glad to be back



I think you are better off starting with a new Manager file.

Enter starting balances. See the Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.

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if you value continuous accounting records and most of the entry is via bank imports then you could use that.

Transferring records from accounting systems is possible but requires considerable computing expertise and time (cost).

If you are happy to manually compare past periods and have read access to your old records, then starting again is the easiest, as suggested above.

I have quite a few clients that have come to me using Xero and want to change what I do is to get current and comparison years in is
I export the detailed account transactions from xero, That should have what account they were coded to.
It comes like below

so I delete columns A,D,H,I,J,K
then I put this formula in L 5 =E5 & " " & F5 & " " & B5 so the last is Account Name
I drag that right down (or Double Click on corner) then copy column l and paste it in Column B over account name delete columns E F,
Change Gross(Column G0 to Number format
Put the right column headings Date, Description, Amount
Save as a csv file and import it to manager
So then you can do rules in manager that say if Sales is in Description then code to sales ie

Well thats how I do it then I put assets in and run depreciation for the right years
run a P7L check if they match xero do a balance sheet check if they match xero

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Thanks Tony - I get the feeling too. It’s not hard to sort the chart of accounts and get the bank rules going.

You can

  1. back up then re import your old Manager business
  2. Rename the imported copy
  3. Delete all transactions from the imported copy, see Use the Batch Delete function
  4. Use this business file going forward

Doing so enables you to retain the parts of the old Manager file you want (contacts, bank rules, account structure, etc.)