Importing Myob into Manager

Hi I have just installed manager to try it out.
I have purchased a new mac so I need another simple accounting system.
My old pc has Myob 15 installed I have a back up of this and want to migrate it across how do I do this.

Search the forum on this topic and read the Guides. Then, if you still have questions, ask specific ones.

You can’t import your MYOB file into Manager.

Generally you would leave your old MYOB data in MYOB and start in Manager without history. There is an option to set “starting balance” when creating your accounts in Manager so starting balances on Manager match your closing balances in MYOB.

Lubos is correct that you cannot simply import MYOB into Manager and the general procedure is to start with new balances on all your accounts. However you can import your customers, suppliers and inventory and presumably other things. Go to MYOB and export your customers into excel file.

Then open up Manager and go to customes and batch create - click on open empty template and save file. Then open the file with excel, not with notepad (or Mac equivalent). Open your MYOB excel file and then copy the column data across to the new template file. Once you have completed that. then copy the data into the blank area and it should work. I would suggest importing two customers to make sure it works correctly.

Do the same procedure with Inventory and suppliers etc.

My recommendation would be to do this at the end of the financial year as otherwise its harder to do your end of year return from two accounting programs

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