Entering Old data

Good day,
I would like to know if I can enter old data into the system? The data is a year old.


There is no restriction on entering data manually, if that is what you are asking

If you want to load data from another system, then that is more problematic and is generally not advised as the effort involved often outweighs the benefits gained

But if you give some more information then you may get a more appropriate answer

Thanks for replying Joe91.

The question is:
I would like to enter data/information from a year ago as I used another system before I was introduced to Manager. The system does not allowed for Income Statement etc and I would like to enter the data in order for me to generate statements.


Well, yes you could enter the information but how you enter it and how much depends on what level of detail you want in your “Income Statement”

There is no such report in Manager, so I am assuming you mean a Profit & Loss Statement report.
When asking question, it helps if you use the terminology used in Manager as that makes your question clearer and easier to understand

What statements are you hoping to produce?

This guide may help Prepare a quick profit and loss statement

Thank you.
Correct, yes, meant to say ‘‘Profit and Loss Statement’’, still use to old name.
One can than record Invoices as ‘’‘Paid’’ to avoid having it shown as ‘‘Unpaid’’?


If you want to enter all your invoices from a year ago, then you will have to enter all your receipts and payments.

It is possible to use the batch create and bank import features to enter the information, but you will then have to verify and check that all is correct. Depending on the volume, that could take a lot of time.

If you only want to produce P & L reports for comparison purposes then you could just enter the monthly totals for the periods you want to compare but you will still have the problem of ensuring that your Balance Sheet is correct

All invoices, receipts and payments will be entered and correctness thereof will be verified in order to also generate a correct Balance Sheet.

Then you need to read the guides

Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions
Import bank statements

to decide how to go about this task

I suggest you create a test business to learn test this out - you can then delete the entries and try again until you find the correct format for your data

Again, depending on the volume, it might be quicker just to re-enter them manually

Also read about starting balances: Enter starting balances | Manager.

@Zekta, if you search the forum, you will find many discussions about this topic. The bottom line is that it will probably be a lot of work, as the data necessary for Manager may not be available in your old system. Even if you can use batch operations to import some information, there will most likely be a great deal of editing work. Migrating between accounting systems (even those built by the same company) often requires custom software to be written.

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It can be done. How much is actually done depends on the value a business places on having historical data in their new accounting system. How hard it is to do depends on what data is available on the old system and what you actually need to transfer across.

This may help