I'm lost completely

I’m a musician that needs to use a better accounting software than a paper book and found Manager, It’s exactly what I’m after.
The problem is I know nothing about accounting using a software program and I’m very confused on the most basic needs for me.

This is what I need to do.
Record a sale, including GST
Record expenses, including GST

I then need to make a report of the accounts which I can do.

Where do I recored an expense? is it in a purchase order or using the journal.

Thanks up front.

First, learn about double-entry accounting at http://www.accountingcoach.com. You will never be able to use manager until you understand the fundamentals of accounting. Then read the Guides.

Sales can be recorded through sales invoices or by receiving money, depending on circumstances. Expenses can be recorded via purchase invoices or spending money. You will not be doing either through journal entries.

Create a test company and play around. You can have as many companies in Manager as you want. When you have specific questions, ask them in detail on the forum.

Thanks for the info, I have a lot to learn and double-entry accounting I just can’t seen to grasp, I’ll keep working at this.

I’ve added some more guides how to record income & expenses under Bank accounts tab.

See: http://guides.manager.io/businesses/bank-accounts/receiving-money and http://guides.manager.io/businesses/bank-accounts/spending-money

Also, you will need to add GST tax code. See: http://guides.manager.io/businesses/settings/tax-codes

Thanks so much for the info, I can really use this.
I may have this wrong? however this is what I’m doing from last night.
Setup a Bank account.
Make a sales invoice including GST, receive money to Bank Account.
Make a Purchase invoice including GST, pay the purchase invoice (Spend money) from, Bank Account.

This seems to work for me and I can also do a BAS statement however for Items purchased over $1000 how do I get this into G10 on the BAS form.

I really appreciate the time and effort for your guidance, music I know TAX I don’t.

What are these purchases over $1,000? Equipment?

Yes, equipment for the business, speakers etc…

For these items, it’s best to utilize Fixed assets tab. Basically all items above $1,000 you can create under Fixed assets and instead of categorizing to some expenses account, use Fixed assets account.

See: http://guides.manager.io/businesses/fixed-assets/acquisitions

BAS Worksheet is smart enough to put purchases of fixed assets under G10 field.

Thanks lobos,
i’ll give that a try.


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Hello Othila,
Let me know if I can be of any help. I professionally work on ERP softwares.


I have just downloaded “M”. Have managed to set up the company but when I go to “cash accounts” to upload" bank statements the “cash accounts” is greyed out and I cannot get into it. Please help.

Have you gone to settings, activated the cash accounts module and then updated it (right down the bottom)? It sounds like you haven’t. Once you update it, those tabs on the left will become available.

Notwithstanding that, and if it doesn’t solve your problem, you’d be better off asking your own question instead of dragging up an old and unrelated question. You will certainly get a much better response.

That question has been solved in another thread — Bank import button missing. You have to edit the cash account, and switch on the ‘This account is maintained by a bank or other financial institution’ option.

@Pla, I thought that might have been the case and gave it a whirl myself. However, she said the Cash Accounts was greyed out, that’s why I thought she might still be in the customisation settings.

Yep, that’s true. I misread the question, sorry.

The ‘greyed out’ issue makes me think that she has not added any cash account yet. Maybe @Belinda could attach a screenshot for clarification.

Thanks so much. I have now fixed that issue but alas another. I have to convert my online bank statement from pdf to .csv. When I do so i get the following. I have tried suggested items of changing headings as previously suggested but it has not worked.

You did not include anything, such as a screen shot, to show what “the following” is.

Thanks Tut. Screen shot included. It says CSV file is missing “date” column. Driving me crazy. Have made a separate date column but it will not accept it. Please help.

How did you add the date column?

Did you just enter it on the first line of a text file with a csv extension? Or did you do it via a spreadsheet insert column and then re-export it to a .csv file?

I would guess you already have a date column but it’s either called something else or in a slightly different format.

If it doesn’t compromise your privacy, post the first few lines (inflate/deflate prices if you’d like and change some description field entries) and we can check to see that the format is correct for you. Completely optional.

Do at least the first (headers) and 2 or 3 other lines.

Thanks for the response. I just typed the date in above the values and typed in headings for the other coloumns. I deleted all the other funny coloumns to try and get it looking clean. It would not save as an csv. I then copied just those coloumns to another clean excel workeheet but again same problem. Pasted them into Word and tried to save but Word does not have CSV. Tried to attach them to you but another error so I have just attached a picture. I can email it to you if suitable.