Quotes not emailing

Im unable to email quotes. I have installed the layest updates but stil getting error code: ArgumentException: This property cannot be set to an empty string. Perameter name: value.
Any suggestions?

If you are using the latest version, could you send me your accounting file to lubos@manager.io? I will need to reproduce the issue locally.

We have personal and bank details in our system so would prefer not to email to a third party. Is that ehat you were asking?

Hi There,

You can reset the email settings by erasing all the data you have in email settings. hit save. exit manager then enter again en set your custom email address. leave the smtp setting blank and try to send an email.
This worked for me, had the same issue.
Good luck!

@rafael10sep1988, that would mean your custom SMTP settings were incorrect. I would still like to know what combination of settings would cause the issue to make the error more descriptive for future users.

But yeah, turning off “Custom SMTP” could fix the issue.

Hi lubos.
I know that was my first thought also. But i think the problem began once i updated manager to it latest version.
I am a one.com user and followed the step carefully to setup my smtp server. Before the update everything was fine. But after the update i coudnt sent emails anymore. So i deleted these settings and re-entered my details without smtp and for an unknown reason the mail started working again. So the question is how can i send mail from my one.com account without having setup an smtp server to send it in the first place.

Try those same SMTP settings which you can’t get work in Manager in some other email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

By the way, what SMTP port have you been using? 465 is not supported. You need to use 587

Hi Lubos,

I was using 465 before the update. but I try the other port.

Will give you an update when I can