Question on starting balance and inventory quantity report


@lubos my inventory starting balance for cheese chips was 30 cartons and in report its showing 22 cartons.

when i see from settings> starting balance > inventory on hand > cheese chips > 30 cartons
when i see from inventory items > cheese chips > 30 cartons
when i see from inventory quantity movement report > cheese chips > 22 cartons

Manger version 18.11.22

need help

The movement report only covers a defined time period.

You need to show some screenshot. For example, the report you are referring to has 6 columns. In which column does it say 22 ?

Hi @lubos

im referring to Opening balance column from inventory quantity movement report.
I updated server manager and desktop manager to 18.11.39

Now below are the screenshots for my problem

My business start date is 1-nov- 2018

below is the screenshot of starting balance of inventory

settings>starting balance>inventory on hand

Top side screenshot

Bottom screenshot of same page

THe above BLUE COLORED value is correct opening balance.

Below marked RED COLORED value is wrong Opening Balance

below is the screenshot of Inventory quantity movement (this is the last page of the report)

HERE, in the above 2 screenshots you can see different opening balances.

I can send you my business file to your email @lubos

Thank you

Im really sorry i did a mistake. in understanding the report

the above mentioned screenshots are correct.

Inventory quantity movement report is showing only the items which had any kind of transactions.
That was the reason the total in inventory quantity report is showing different value.

But, where can i find report to see report as on 1-nov-18. i dont have multiple warehouse.

if i start using multiple warehouse i can see inventory by location and it shows as on 21-nov-18 (only today) cant change the date.

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One thing which should be improved is to make every figure on all reports clickable so you can see how Manager calculated those figures.