Quantity movement error

ikan keli

purchase 15.2kg sales also 15.2kg
but why inside the quantity movement report shows 20.2 kg sales and closing balance - 5 kg

image above
invoice number 5951060664 Date 14-oct 2016

image below
the same invoice number capture under inventory movement 17-Oct 2016

have to telly my movement…plz advise

I think your issue is that you are looking at reports on “accrual-basis” and comparing with general ledger on “cash-basis”.

It looks like the invoice you are referring to was paid 3 days after issue and it was only partially paid. That’s why qty in general ledger is proportionally lower than what is entered on invoice itself.

In your last post the screenshot for the Sales Invoice is dated 14.10.2016, but the highlighted Inventory Items Transaction screenshot is dated 17.10.2016 - so not a match.

Also, when you post Inventory Item Transaction screenshots - can you mention which Inventory Item it relates to. In your first post it would appear that 77 IKAN KELI is the inventory item in question - correct ?

yes correct

hi Lubos

the reports is not tele at all

purchase 20 epal
sell 5 epal
balance 15 epal

but here all hairwire

The previous manager version was excellent…this new version got alot of

@manic12, please provide specific examples if you want help.

hi lubos

good evening

if i have accidentally removed the file can i restore it back…im using
cloud version