Inventory Qty Movement doesn't show the right result

I’ve been using this report and print it at the end of every month

Please take a look at the following image of the report for May 2020

The adjustment qty of Product D doesn’t show the correct number (the actual adjustment qty should only -1.8) .
The closing balance shows the correct number

I’m moving this to the bugs category but only because this report doesn’t allow to drill-down. When drilling-down is implemented you can review how the figure was calculated and it will be easier to figure out what’s wrong.

Thank you @lubos Yes, that’ll certainly would make it easier for us to see how the numbers are calculated

same probleme like me

The latest version (20.6.27) allows drill-down into the report so check it again if this issue persists.

Now the report looks different.

Please keep as it was; Add back the adjustments column and put the credit/debit notes and inventory write-off in adjustments. Credit/debit notes are refunds and should be reported separate from actual purchases/sales.

Previously transactions from credit notes, debit notes and inventory write-offs went to adjustments (gain/loss).

Now I see from the drill-down, debit notes are in purchases.

The reason why I didn’t like adjustments colum is because it was too generic.

How about having Debit Notes and Credit Notes as separate columns. Wouldn’t that be even better?

Where are journal entries?

The report automatically shows only columns which are actually used. If you have no journal entries interacting with inventory items, the column won’t show.

Yes @lubos it would work for us

The version 20.6.36 shows credit notes and debit notes separately.

The report looks good now. Thanks @lubos