How to create inventory report showing quantities

i would like to create an inventory report showing the quantities on hand as well as the items purchased and sold

  1. Go to Reports tab
  2. Click Customize button and enable Inventory quantity movement report, click Update

This will make new report Inventory quantity movement available under Reports tab which can show opening stock, items purchased, items sold and closing stock for specified period.

I have two companies one behaves as you describe with respect to quantity movements the other does not show any inventory item movements at all. Is there another option I need to check to ensure inventory is tracked? I am using 14.9.17 on Linux. I will have a look what the latest version is and update if necessary.

Further to above - I have just updated to 14.9.36 and I get the same behaviour. To add a little more information, when running the inventory Value movement report in either company, the results are not shown. i.e. no items or values.

if it makes a difference - the company that does not show any movements at all has been used to invoice fractions of a full unit (i.e. 0.5 of a unit) and 9 invoices have been created for 0.5 units so I would expect 4.5 units have been invoiced in total.

@mekuranda, check what’s your Start Date under Settings tab. It is not that obvious but any invoice with issue date earlier than start date will be treated as “opening balance” invoice and will not have impact on inventory movements.

I’m planning to replace “Start date” concept with something easier to digest sometime this month.

Thank you Lubos,

that was it, it works fine now. I don’t see an issue now with the start date concept - I guess I should have checked that before I bothered you - just did not think about it or looked for it. I won’t forget in the future.