Inventory Qty is not same

@lubos @Tut
I need help urgently
Qty at Inventory and “Inventory Quantity Summary” are not same for some stock

@Tut please check

You need to explain these screen shots, not expect someone else to figure them out. Your first and third screen shots have their headings cut off, so it is not easy to tell what they are. You have drawn a circle around one (or possibly two or three) quantities in #1. What is the significance? You show us starting balances from Settings, but what is your start date? Did you have unpaid sales or purchase invoices on your start date? And did you enter the correct starting quantities according to this Guide:

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt the report is for the period until 04/10/2019. If you have any future transactions affecting inventory items, then these won’t be shown on the report however they will affect figures directly under Inventory Items tab. Click on Qty on hand figure on the first screenshot to give you complete ledger for the item. What is the date of the latest transaction?

Thanks sir
Now I found out problems
you can try like that, i supposed it was bug

  1. use inventory location
  2. enter qty with inventory location
  3. delete inventory location
    I will send backup db for review

You cannot attach database files to forum posts, and certainly not when responding via email.

I was able to reproduce the issue. Fixed in the latest version (19.10.10)

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