Question about bank rules

Hello I had a question about bank rules.

I have a bank account at a bank and i also have a saving account at the same bank. every month i put some money from my bank account to my savings account. I download the bank imports in MT940 format. Is it possible to make a bank rule that if money is written of form the bank account and written to the savingsaccount that it is automatically processed after importing bank accounts? So the money doesn’t have to go to a specific account i made in the account chart because i transfer it from 1 bank account to another.

Hope someone can help me with that.


No, because the payment from the Bank Account is a Spend Money and the deposit to the Saving Account is a Receive Money and are separate independent transactions when you import each statement. If you could create a Bank Rule, then one of the statement entry’s (bank / savings) has to be ignore otherwise the transaction will be doubled up.

The money has to go via a specific account - generally called a Transaction Clearing account

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@remyvandemortel, as @Brucanna wrote, you cannot process both sides of the transaction simultaneously, because you are importing the two account statements at separate times. You might think you could process one account and just leave the transfer transaction temporarily in Suspense until you processed the other account and removed the transaction from Suspense. The reason that won’t work is that Manager could not tell which transaction in Suspense needed to be offset against which other. So both would remain there.

You might find it less work to process the transfers manually. Then, just delete those transactions when importing statements to avoid duplication. This approach also eliminates the need for the Transfer Clearing account.

Oke so that is not possible to automatically let money flow from one bank account number to another bank/save account number. THNX for the reaction.