Set money to savings account from bank import

I want to create a rule to add money to my savings account when it gets off my normal bank account. But there is no option to create a rule for this as far as I can see. Is this posible or not?

What exactly do you mean by “when it gets off my normal bank account?” Are you referring to money transferred from another bank account to a savings account? If so, this is an inter account transfer, and cannot be accomplished directly with a bank rule, because the imported statement only includes one leg of the transfer.

For information on how to record inter account transfers when importing bank statements, see this Guide:

If you mean you would like to create a bank rule for money transferred electronically, as personal drawings, from your business bank account to your personal savings account, and the saving account is not entered into Manager, use a standard description with each transfer, then create a bank rule allocating any transactions with that description to your capital account.