Transferring money between cash account and bank account

I have created a cash account in Petty Cash under “Cash Accounts”.
Now when i am trying to allocate a bank “cash withdrawal” entry to account to Petty Cash…it does not show up in the account drop down list.
is there any problem with the bank entry…? I have imported the bank a/c using a .qif file…and here is a sample cash withdrawal entry from the .qif file.


if i m not clear…here is the situation. The bank a/c has Rs.10,000/- and i present a SELF cheque of Rs.8,000/- at the bank and the bank pays me CASH for it. Now my bank has been left with Rs.2,000/- as balance. and my Cash on Hand is Rs.8,000/-

So now i want to allocate this entry to Petty Cash Account, which does not show up in the drop down list. what’s wrong…?

You have two choices, (1) the simplest being, if you have used the Inter Account Transfer for the transaction then delete the imported bank account entry, or, (2) if you want to use the imported statement entry then you need to process the Bank Rule via a clearing account. For the Cash on hand account part you will still need to process the transaction as there is no statement to import.

Bank/Cash Transfers are two separate accountings transactions not a single transaction.

  1. Bank: Spend Money - Credit Bank and Debit ???
  2. Cash on hand: Receive Money - Debit Cash and Credit ???

The Inter Account Transfer feature in Manager allows you to truncate that to a single entry - Credit Bank Debit Cash on hand
However, when importing bank statements and using Bank Rules, the processing of two transactions is still required because (rightfully) Manager’s Bank Rules prevents any allocation directly to other Bank/Cash accounts otherwise you would have duplicate transactions as demonstrated below.

If you substituted the ??? for the opposing Bank/Cash account you would now have:

  1. Bank: Spend Money - Credit Bank and Debit Cash on hand
  2. Cash on hand: Receive Money - Debit Cash on hand and Credit Bank

The Bank account now has two credit entries and the Cash on hand account now has two debit entries - hence the duplication. So to use Import Bank Statement you just need in the Bank Rule to post the opposing debit/credit entry to a clearing account, where the contra from the Cash on hand transaction will cancel themselves out.

  1. Bank Spend Money - Credit Bank and Debit Clearing Account
  2. Cash Receive Money - Debit Cash and Credit Clearing Account

The Clearing Account can be created as either a Current Asset or Current Liability