Bug On Inventory Report

I think i found 1 bug on inventory report, the opening balance didn’t show on report. this the pic

Manager typically shows a dash for zero balances or amounts. This looks correct to me.

I’ve entering the opening balance. The transaction is as follows:
In June: I entering the opening balance, purchasing inventory, selling inventory
In July: I don’t have to entering the opening balance because Opening balance + Purchase - Sales = closing balance. But the report looks like that…

Your report is for the period from 1 June 2015 through 17 June 2015. If you want different dates, you must either create a new report or edit the dates for the old one.

I have try it, but the report still the same

Opening balances module was added after I made these reports so these reports think opening balance figures are purchases rather than truly opening balances. Other reports suffer from this issue too (e.g. general ledger summary). I’m already planning to fix.

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Okey, Thanks a lot. and Best Regard

Using Version 16.12.9. Have noticed a possible bug on the following reports, when compared

  1. Inventory Value Movement Report
  2. Inventory Quantity Movement Report

The opening balance quantity is not reported, but the value is reported.

You can see that the first two items are not reflected in the quantity report.
Kindly help…