QIF Import Amount Problem


I just came across Manager.io, and seems very nice!

I am importing my bank statement but all the amounts are imported x100

If I look at the file amounts seem normal:


But in this case, instead of importing EUR -71,29 I get EUR -7.129,00

Tried the same file with GNU Cash and did not show the same issue.

Any idea what this could be and if I can workarrond it somehow?

What currency have you set in Manager.

For some imports, the currency separator in the imported file needs to be the same as your computer system currency separator.

I did set EUR to the company and the bank account.

I noticed that the QIF file uses the EUR format: 999.999.999,99

I tested hacking the file, using the format 999,999,999.99 it works.

with regards to the system currency separator if I am using the server edition what would that be? browser or server?

See Importing bank statements and Set number format

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The number format does not seem to make any difference.

And the import process is clear, and works, except for the issue with the x100.

So far I have only managed to workaround the issue by hacking the qif file, with sed.

cat bank.qif | sed -e "/^T.*/s/\.//g" | sed -e "/^T.*/s/,/\./g" > fixed.qif

Which can be translated as: form all the lines that start with T, first remove the . (optional thousand separator) and then convert coma to point.

Then I finally noticed that the bank has another export option that produces a file with no problems, the format is called QIF-2000.

Use it!!

The trouble with exported bank statements is that the standards are proprietary and very loosely followed. For example, although the QIF standards were developed by Intuit, their own programs cannot import them reliably.