Put reminder of column headings in Bank Import

I just used the Bank Import to enter all the transactions for the last year and a half. Very nice. I like the way it works.

Maybe you can save the user some effort looking up the headings in the guide by putting the exact column headers for a CSV file on the Bank Import page.

The file extensions (*.qif, *.ofx, *.qfx, *.qbo, *.sta, *.swi, *.940, *.iif, *.csv) are already there. So you would include with those a reminder that a CSV file should have these column headers:

Date | Reference | Payee | Description | Amount

this is already explained clearly in the guide https://www.manager.io/guides/9240

the guide can also be accessed from the Learn how to link available on the import form.

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According to your thinking, you should remove “*.qif, *.ofx, *.qfx, *.qbo, *.sta, *.swi, *.940, *.iif, *.csv” because that information is also in the guide and very clear.

Why in the world do you have all the extensions listed on this page in Manager?

Personally, I would appreciate having a list of the exact text of the headers near the Browse button. My memory is so far away from being a photographic memory. I cannot just glance at the Guide and remember everything on the page. So, having some queue.

I have yet to find two different banks that give you the same CSV when you download transactions. So, I always have to fix up whatever the bank gives me. Most banks that I have seen have the date column with a header of “Date.” But one bank calls it “Date Posted,” and another gives me a double-spaced file with no headers at all!

I think Lubos would agree that giving me a reminder (of what columns Manager handles and the exact text of each header) is much easier than programming Manager to handle all CSV formats (with all possible header names for Date, Description, etc.).

I also wonder how you think I was able to guess exactly right all the column headings without referring to the Guide?

Overall, Manager appears to me to be so meticulously designed to save the user time and effort. So I would think that NOT having a reminder of the exact column headings would be inconsistent with Manager’s overall design.

That’s my opinion. But actually, my opinion is not important. I am only a customer. Manager belongs to you.

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You do not need to remember everything. When you click a Learn how to… link, it opens in a separate browser window, which can remain open while you work in the Manager window, manipulate a CSV file in a spreadsheet, etc. Links to Guides were planned that way just so you would not have to remember things, but could consult the Guides while working in the program.

That is because there is no standard for CSV bank files.

There is no such possibility to “handle all CSV formats.” There are no formats to be handled, only individual banks’ uncontrolled export content. This is the reason the developer has expressed a wish to eliminate imports of CSV files entirely. The only reason they are still allowed is because so many banks are so far behind the times on what export formats they offer (if, indeed, they offer any at all).

Who are you directing your frustration at? Who is “you?” You seemed to be responding to @sharpdrivetek, who is another user graciously trying to offer help on a volunteer basis, not the developer.

I apologize to @sharpdrivetek, and anyone else I offended.

The responses make me regret that I took the trouble to provide feedback or a suggestion.

I apologize for posting, as well.

I think he is just asking for the names of the column headers to be put along with the format names like “Date” “Discription” “Payee” “Amount” to jog ones memory of what manager expects as headings.
Or am I wrong

Wornout understands. Thank you, Wornout, for reading and understanding my posts.

@Indinfer I understand your apology as well.

I have felt like this a few times

Thank you, Wornout.

Some time ago, the responses to user posts seemed to me to be more amicable. Could be that Manager is experiencing growing pains. With more users comes more posts. And the same number of administrators no longer have time to read and understand what is going on in every post. Takes longer before one of the administrators to respond to a post as well.

I still regret that I had flared, and good that I was checked before I added any more fire to this thread. I don’t know whether the Manager staff sees any problem.

I really appreciate your understanding, Wornout.