Purhase Order Items pending to be received


Is there a possibility in Manager to see the items from Purchase Orders which are pending to be received? The only way I can see items is when I turn the PO into a Goods Receipt and then the items are shown in the Inventory Tab. However since I have large PO’s sent out to my suppliers, I usually receive partial shipments and there are always items left to be received at a later time from the same PO. The problem is that its difficult to follow which items are left from the same PO, you have to calculate it manually. Is Manager able to automatically show this information somewhere, Inventory Tab perhaps?

Thank you.

A Purchase Order has no effect in Manager - it is not an accounting document

Only Purchase Invoices/Debit Notes and Goods Received Notes, if activated, affect your inventory.

Please read the guides on using the inventory modules

I put ‘PENDING’ in the description field and when I receive the purchase invoice and all the goods I edit it to ‘COMPLETED’

You can also do the same thing with a custom field, preserving the description for other purposes.