Purchased order

Just wondering if there is a way to link the purchase orders to purchase invoices?
I am use to being able to invoice from the purchase order into the purchase invoice but it seems to be creating a duplicate then I still have an open purchase order.

I am hoping that this issue will be addressed in the future. I agree that when you create a purchase invoice from the purchase order, it should default to closing the aforementioned purchase order.

At the moment, the workaround is to create a custom field as a column and have some statuses such as open, closed and successful or whatever you want to call them. Then when you create a purchase invoice from a purchase order, you can go into purchase orders and select closed from the custom field. Not ideal and I also forget to do that, but at least it helps until a long term solution has been implemented.

Remember to create the custom field as a column so that when you open the purchase orders tab you can see the column of open or closed statuses.

The functionality that you and I are looking for as not been implemented as yet, but should come in time.

okay, thanks. Also has it been implemented where you can have unit cost showing on the invoice when printed?

I am not sure that I understand. The unit cost is showing on purchase invoice and what you see is what gets printed. The only time that you don’t see a unit cost is if you do not select a quantity - ie the quantity is one!

Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice to Spend Money, seems like a lot of steps. I personally would hope to see the program evolve to a single Purchase Order, and that same PO “Received Items” as the final step before money is paid.

The difficulty with making your suggested workflow the standard, @netspc, is that, while purchase orders may be contractually binding, they are not financial (accounting) transactions. For example, you would not generally want to consider inventory items available simply because you have ordered them. They might not be available. Or the price might be different by the time they are delivered.

If the supplier provides what you’ve ordered, you might not have to or be able to pay immediately, so you must have the capability to enter a purchase invoice (mirroring your supplier’s sales invoice) to create the account payable, showing your company’s liability to the supplier.

Besides, Manager already gives you the ability to do essentially what you suggest. Issue a purchase order, which has no effect on either your balance sheet or your income statement. If the items ordered come in and you plan to pay immediately, just Spend Money. You avoid the purchase invoice and account payable entirely.