Linking a Purchase Order to an Invoice

Hi Guys,

Is there a way that I can link a Purchase Order with an invoice?

So for example:

  1. I raise a PO5678 to John’s Building services for £250.

  2. I recieve an Invoice1234 from John

  3. I enter John’s invoice 1234, and match the amount against PO5678

If there is a discrepancy (for example his invoice is £350, not £250) it’s flagged?


Use the Copy to function. See Use the Copy to function | Manager. If you have a reference number on the purchase order, it will be copied across to the Order field on the purchase invoice.

The program will not, however, flag differences. There could be many legitimate reasons the sales invoice from the supplier (which you enter as your purchase invoice) does not match your purchase order, including:

  • You used obsolete pricing from the supplier.
  • You used pricing from the last time you purchased the same thing, but from a competitor.
  • Market pricing changed while the order was being filled.
  • Quantity delivered varies slightly from what was ordered.

Copying the purchase order to the purchase invoice will, nevertheless, carry over the price that was on your purchase order. At that point, it is up to you to compare it to what is on the supplier’s sales invoice.

Will give that a go, thank you!

Purchase Orders can be copied, as said by @Tut, to create a Purchase Invoice but, being copied, they are not linked in any way in the database. So it is not possible to make any kind of cross report between the two, even in custom reports.

Thats true, there is not link, but there is a kind of manual workaround although not very smooth but should work. You can make two new custom fields, one on Purchase orders and one in Purchase invoice, for example named Purchase Order Ref., or atleast named exactly the same.

When copy to Purchase invoice is done the contents of the Custom field gets also copied if same names. Only downside of this is manual input, but it can be advantageus if this field only gets input just prior to the Copy to Purchase invoice is done but then you can tell which purchase orders have been transformed to Purchase invoice and which purchase orders have not.

This Purchase Order Ref., can be used in Custom Reports for Purchase Invoices.

That’s not true or better, not completely. They are different fields so you cannot perform common tasks, like a group by. I have already required the possibility to share custom field through different modules for exactly this reason. It’s in the ideas… let’s see when it will see the light.

yes thats true, Group by does not work but a Purchase Order Ref. column in a Custom report is possible and should likely be enough for most users which don’t have more than one Purchase invoice pr Purchase order

Again, two Custom Field, even with the same name, under two different tabs (ie purchase order and purchase invoice) are two different columns in Custom Reports.

You simply cannot apply GROUP BY to two different columns without a CONCAT to merge them together. And CONCAT is not foreseen in Custom Reports.That’s basic SQL.