Purchase order - sales order

Hello, i have a generell issue. We place a Purchase Order to our supplier. Then the next step is also to make a Sales Order to our client. So normaly each Purchaser Order is also linked to the Sales Order. So how or what i can do to see or get the info, which Purchase Order is linked or related to the Sales order.

f.e. I place a PO to supplier - #PO15123 - then I place a Sales Order to client #SO15321 - so now i want to see on the Sales Order that the related Purchase order is #PO123.

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It’s not possible to link these documents. I do want to make it possible though. I have several ideas how to approach this but it’s not something I’m going to add in upcoming weeks. Possibly in a few months since there are many related feature requests (e.g. job costing) and this will be part of the larger feature rather than quick fix.


Ok understand. But would be in then meantime a possibility to add a field which can be use to put “manual” the information inside? This would be already helpful at this time.

You can create custom field under Settings tab -> Custom fields to capture this information.

Just wondering if you have found a way to link Sales order to Purchase order and vice versa.


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no, only way seems custom field, which is working but also no professional due to make it all manual

What column?

Also this is a thread that is over 5 years old so not particularly helpful as it may not reflect the current software.

Please read the guides on using custom fields

I want to include the column for Unit Name after Qty column in the purchase order .please help how to add the same

LIke this?

You need to define the units in the Inventory Item or Non-Inventory Item like this


Im using Manager for two different business and in the Purchase orders, one has ‘unit’ column and the other doesn’t. Can you help with this to have it in the other too?

Which version of Manager are you using?

One what? What other? What are your screen shots showing?

It says 22.1.45

See my screen shot.
First one has unit colmn between description and qty but the 2nd screen shot doesn’t.

You compare screenshots of edit screens of 2 different businesses and their Purchase Orders. Check the custom fields settings for Purchase Order for each Business. I bet you that you have created a custom field called “Unit” for the business that shows that column.

Your screen shots are not useful for troubleshooting, because you included only small portions of screens. We do not even know what transaction type they are from, what business(es), and so forth.