Purchase order - sales order

Hello, i have a generell issue. We place a Purchase Order to our supplier. Then the next step is also to make a Sales Order to our client. So normaly each Purchaser Order is also linked to the Sales Order. So how or what i can do to see or get the info, which Purchase Order is linked or related to the Sales order.

f.e. I place a PO to supplier - #PO15123 - then I place a Sales Order to client #SO15321 - so now i want to see on the Sales Order that the related Purchase order is #PO123.

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It’s not possible to link these documents. I do want to make it possible though. I have several ideas how to approach this but it’s not something I’m going to add in upcoming weeks. Possibly in a few months since there are many related feature requests (e.g. job costing) and this will be part of the larger feature rather than quick fix.

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Ok understand. But would be in then meantime a possibility to add a field which can be use to put “manual” the information inside? This would be already helpful at this time.

You can create custom field under Settings tab -> Custom fields to capture this information.

Just wondering if you have found a way to link Sales order to Purchase order and vice versa.


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no, only way seems custom field, which is working but also no professional due to make it all manual