Purchase Orders link with invoices

Hi , if i have multiple purchase orders and some of them have invoiced, so in the invoice it show the purchase order belong to this invoice but in purchase order it do not show which purchase order is converted to invoice i suggest that those purchase orders which is converted to invoice should be market , and linked each other . any solution ?

Since purchase orders are not financial transactions, there is no status linkage with purchase invoices. If you want this type of information, you will have to use custom fields. Make a list-type field with status options and update the purchase order when you receive the supplier’s invoice. Then copy the purchase order to the purchase invoice.

In mean not that active link with invoice to be updated when i edit the order , just when it converted to invoice then the purchase orders to be market, just like - Example ( we make payment for invoice and it shows that the invoice is paid )

I understand what you are asking. I am telling you what you can do. You must also understand that there may not be perfect identification of purchase invoices with purchase orders. For example, you order 10 items. The supplier has 6 in stock, ships them to you, and sends you an invoice. You enter the purchase invoice. But what status should be given to the purchase order? Has it been fulfilled? Later, the supplier sends you the remaining 4 items and invoices for them. Now the status of the purchase order may be more obvious. But which purchase invoice should be linked to the purchase order?

Every business encounters different situations. For some, the process of issuing a purchase order and receiving exactly what was ordered in one shipment with a single invoice is straightforward. For others, the order of fulfillment can be very complex. Any feature added to the program must allow for all possibilities. Sometimes, it is easier to let the user design a system that works for their business using custom fields.

Okey Sir Thank you