I would like to be able to create a sales quote from a sales order

When I get work I detail it in sales orders, if a customer wants a quote then I want to be able to clone the order into a quote and in either case be able to clone it into an invoice, is this possible please.

I don’t think you can go backwards. A sales quote is meant to produce an estimate to give to the customer. A sales order is an internal document recording what will be produced or delivered. A quote can be turned into an order. An order can then be turned into an invoice when the goods/services are delivered.

This is standard practice and terminology in accounting. It seems that you have picked up reversed nomenclature. Don’t feel bad, though. The first time I tried double-entry accounting with a small business, I had debits and credits reversed. Of course, since everything was backwards, the books balanced just fine. But I could never understand accounting books or articles. When the correct procedure was eventually explained to me, it took years to reset my thinking. :relaxed:

Ok thanks for that, so if I wish to log all my work then you’re suggesting I do it in Quote and if I want to transfer it to an invoice without showing a quote reference then I have to go via order and then invoice, is that correct please.

I am definitely not suggesting that you log work in a sales quote. That should be a document you give to a customer prior to beginning work, in order to obtain a contract or order and get approval for the work. I am only saying that the accepted flow and terminology is quote >> order >> invoice.

As to showing references or not, you can always overwrite anything in Manager.

Ok thanks,