Sales quote to order and others

why there is no linkage between sales quote and order received against it? you can copy it to sales invoice, delivery and others but there is no indicator that the sales quote has been converted to order/ delivery/ sales invoice. in fact nothing is related. there should be a link between all the related items.

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Neither sales quotes nor sales orders are financial transactions in Manager. So there is no linkage because there is no transaction to link to. But, if you copy either to a sales invoice, their reference numbers are automatically copied over. In other words, the linkage is established when a financial transaction is recorded.

If you want the information (for which the program has no use) to be recorded, you can use custom fields to record status or forward references on sales quotes or sales orders.

what about purchase order? there is no cross ref. btwn sales quote and purchase order to supplier. Also in receivables, once you select customer & invoice, it does not show the value of the selected invoice. i you are making receipt for one or more invoices, you have to enter each value manually. All fully received invoices keep appearing also.

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a sales quote is issued to a customer whereas a purchase order is issued to a supplier. so why do you think there should be any link between the two?

where? your question is not clear. please post screenshots to understand better.

create a receipt from the unpaid invoices report if required to enter for many invoices simultaneously. this is explained in the guides.

there are chances of receiving payments for the same invoice from your customer by mistake. in this case you will have to select the already paid invoice.

yes sales quote for customer based on which we receive order and the issue our order to supplier. There are options available in sales quote to copy it to different places including as purchase order. Then y not a link can be created btwn both (sales quote & supplier order)?

these are fully received invoices but still appear in receivable. Does not show here if already received not the value of the invoice. This can cause to receive same invoice twice by mistake.

because your supplier do not have to know details about your sales order received. all those details are to be retained by your business and not transferred to your supplier.
if you still want to do it, you can create custom fields with similar titles for both the tabs which will automatically copy the custom field contents when you use Copy To function.

these have been discussed on the forum many times. you can search them and understand the responses already provided.