Purchase order shows as suspense in Project P&L

Made Payment from New Payment option in Invoice

Ok. I was in error, because your payment was allocated to an invoice with only a date, while the invoice had no reference. I’m still looking for the reason for being in Suspense.

Is it in Suspense on the Summary page? Or only in the project view?

In project view

On that basis, I will mark this as a bug.

@AMEER1 Purchase Order document does not have Account column so Project would not know what expense would purchase order relate to.

The work around is to create non-inventory items which are linked to accounts and use Item column instead which purchase orders have.

But I think when Project is selected on purchase order, it should reveal account column so that’s something that could be improved.

@lubos this situation it happens when I create a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order via “Copy to” function, as such only Purchase Order reference is copied and there is NO Project be copied also no option can be selected. then the purchase invoice amount paid be Suspend.

I faced a similar case few days ago. It happens for the business where I use non-inventory items in purchase order. Then another issue occurred is that I was no longer able to add a project to any new purchase invoice (when I record new purchase invoice without PO)

Would you please check if it a bug or we are making some errors somewhere?

No, I will not. The developer has already engaged on this topic.

This is something that I’ve already addressed since last year, in 2 separate posts. I’m suprised @Tut was still asking for a screenshot for this problem

One of them is here

First, it was an issue of double cost (see here, it was solved by not assigning purchase invoice to any project if it was copied from a purchase order. So the cost displayed in

Project is copied from purchase order. But there is another issue which hasn’t been solved until now is because there’s no account column on purchase order, so the Project report can’t detect what is that cost and so showed it as suspense.

Maybe the quickest solution is to return the project column in a purchase invoice even if it’s copied from purchase order? So we can manually assign project in our purchase invoice copied from purchase order. Or, add account column in purchase order

I asked for a screenshot from another user for their specific problem. If you think it’s practical or feasible to check every screen shot ever posted by any other user when answering a question you are mistaken. If something isn’t in a thread, it does not get considered.

This issue has been resolved in the latest version