Purchase order shows as suspense in Project P&L

When I made a payment against purchase invoice it shows in suspense account in project. Why?

This is not enough information to be able to provide help. Please post a screenshot of the corresponding edit screens of the invoice and the payment. Did you read the guides about payments and projects?

You also need to indicate Manager’s edition and version, and the OS.

When I made a Purchase Order for particular Supplier and Select Project.
That project shows same amount with suspense account. Why?

@AMEER1, you just repeated your question without providing the requested answers and screenshots. You will not receive help that way.

I don’t have screenshot facility

Its simple… try to understand in words

I made P.O then Purchase Invoice and Then made a Payment. It reflects correctly in Dashboad (Final Accounts). But when I Check it in Project Wise it not showing my expense in that project.

I just have an option to give project reference in P.O. not in Purchase Invoice or Payment.

What Operating System are you using?

All Operating Systems supply a tool to make screenshots

Their is an issue in My Laptop
Its not about Operating System.

Unless you show screenshots as you were requested, it is unlikely you will get any help

Remember, the forum users are just users of Manager software, like yourself

It is difficult to understand your problem without seeing a screenshot. This is why you were asked to provide them

Also, you should say what edition (Server, Desktop or Cloud) and version number of Manager you are using

This screenshot is not what was asked for.

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Now why 15,000/- shows as suspense?

Now why 15,000/- shows as suspense in Project A-327?

Else everywhere its perfect.

To begin, the payment you showed was not posted to the invoice you showed.

Invoice is made from P.O and Payment from Invoice.