Document to Link & Track Sales & Purchases

I wanted to highlight a small problem I have. Whenever I need to find details of purchase against a particular Sales Invoice, I end up searching all Purchase Invoices in the system, particularly when they are all similar. The Sales Invoice may have several items purchased from various suppliers, so it becomes difficult to keep a tab of from where material is being picked.

I have a suggestion for adding a new Order Execution Tab which could work as a link between client’s Purchase Order and our Purchase Orders to suppliers. This tab would be purely for Documentation purpose.

Consider this scenario where a Sales quote has ten items quoted. We get the order from Client. Now, out of ten items 4 need to be ordered from Supplier A, 3 from Supplier B and remaining Supplier C.

I want this document to be able to record Customer’s PO number, name of sales guy, Names of suppliers we are placing each line item of the quote to, supplier Purchase Order Numbers, etc. If the pos/invoices are clickable to go to those pages, all the more better.

I do the same process manually to keep tab…But I think it would help to have this in the system.

I can see what you mean but this will have to be solved in generic way.

For example, in future it will be possible to create custom fields on line item level. And you will be able to see list of line items across all invoices, quotes or orders. So this would help you navigate through your data a lot easier.

So once this is done, then we can check again how these generic features help you in your workflow.