How to add Purchase order column in the sales invoices

Hi, there used to be a purchase order column for when creating sales invoices for customers.
the column had recently disappeared and i would like to get a solution to that problem so i can add purchase order numbers to sales invoices

You seem to be referring to quite an old version of the program, when there was a free-text order field into which you could put customers’ purchase order numbers. But that was actually meant for your own sales order number. The old order field has been replaced with a new one that is tied to sales orders entered for the specific customer to which the sales invoice is being sent. That was part of the a bigger revision for tracking sales order status. The field appears after a customer is selected:

If you want to enter customers’ purchase order numbers, you still can, but must use a custom field. That is because Manager has never had any use for that information. There have been many, many discussions about this in recent months on the forum. Search for them to read more about this topic.

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@Ray, you are already going to type in the details once anyway, so why not do this instead:

  1. Fill out a Sales Order using customer’s Purchase Order as your reference.
  2. Copy your Sales Order to a Sales Invoice.
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