Document PDFs not generating in full

Hi there, facing issues with all types (SQ, PO, PI etc) of PDF documents generating in full. The content towards the end of the documents is being cut off and not appearing in the PDFs generated.

Which version of manger, what operating system, what pdf viewer, when did this start for you?

Manager version 19.10.3, various PDF viewers and Mac Preview app. It started last week

are you using one of the default themes or a custom theme?
what is being cut off and not appearing in the pdf?
does it appear when you view within Manager?
please provide relevant screenshots to understand the problem better.

We are using a custom theme. Text content is being cut off, it appears fine when viewed within Manager but when creating a PDF, the issue occurs. Screenshot 1 of the document viewed within Manager (red portion contains confidential data). Screenshot 2 is of the PDF generated. As you can see the entire text content of the document has not appeared in the PDF

it is up to the user to troubleshoot their custom themes. depending on what version of Manager you updated from last week, the program structure would have changed which caused the custom theme to break. you will have to make appropriate changes to your liquid code yourself or hire some qualified programmer locally to do it for you.

your second screenshot does not show the entire pdf. i believe it was split into two pages depending on your paper size settings and the contents of the document.

What is the paper size set to under Email Settings? This is where Manager picks up the paper size for formatting output. This could be conflicting with your custom theme.

Your screen shots are also confusing. #1 begins with your logo and ends with a wide line below some text too small to read. #2 begins with text about payment terms that appears nowhere in #1, then seems to jump to a separate document or page that begins with your logo and is cut off before the end of the page. So it is difficult to understand what you are trying to illustrate.

Also, are you aware that when you use the internal PDF generator, all material above the main table is repeated at the top of subsequent pages? When you print directly to PDF using the Print button, that heading information is not repeated. Your custom theme may not have taken that into account.