Purchase Order - Line Custom Field problem

Dear admin,
First, I am very thankful for the new option of adding Purchase Order - Line and in others as well. I have created one to see how it works. But i am unable to delete it. Can you please tell me how to delete.
Waiting for your answer.
Thank you,

You cannot delete anything that has been used. So track down where it has been used, delete those entries, then delete the field.

I have not used in any of my document. Thats why i asked you why it is not
deleting. Please check

I have been able to replicate this problem. When trying to delete a line-item custom field, even one that has never been used, let alone one for which there are no surviving instances of use, the following error message appears:

I am elevating this as a bug.

Fixed in the latest version (17.6.85)

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Dear Admin,
Thank you for rectifying the above mentioned error. Can you please add a thing in it.
Its alignment is at right. I want it in center. Can you please give an option in which we can do its alignment. Right - Center - Left

You cannot arbitrarily position a line-item custom field because it becomes a column on the document. And the overall document is structured according to a theme, which also affects all other documents. Therefore, the custom field column needs to be fit in with other hard-coded columns. Line-item custom fields are positioned after the Description column. What you can do is control the order of custom fields if you have more than one, using the Position field.

I am asking about the test in the column. Not the column it self

That can be modified with a custom theme. If you don’t have the coding skills, hire someone locally to write the code for you.

Also, contrary to what you say, the default position is aligned to the left. Here is a purchase order with a custom field named Custom field: