Column description

Is it possible to change the description or title of a column, I need to change Order Number on the Purchae Order to say Customer Reference. I have created a custom field and been using this but its position after Description is not ideal. I leave the original Order Number blank therefore this colunm is redundent on reports, it would make my life alot easier to fill in the information I use but under a different heading.Has anyone done this . cheers Alan

Your question is confusing. Your subject was “Column description.” And you first asked about changing the description or title of a column. Then you mentioned custom fields. Based on what you said, you seem to be referring to line-item custom fields. Then you switch to Order Number. But purchase orders do not have an Order Number field. Nor is it obvious how this might relate to the column you think is redundant. And why would you want a purchase order to list a customer reference? Purchase orders go to suppliers.

Can you be more specific, and possibly illustrate with a screen shot?

Please find attatchment hope this is clear now, sorry for confusion.

I just want to make a ref. to the supplier on this sheet its easier for me to see, as we dont use Purchase orders.This might be unusual but its the way we operate.

sorry i meant to say Supplier ref. (having a senior moment)

You most likely don’t want to do this. The Order number field on purchase invoices is for your own purchase order number. If you assign (or have Manager assign) reference numbers to your purchase orders, and then copy a purchase order to a purchase invoice (which is one of the main reasons for using purchase orders in the first place, since they don’t have any financial impact), the program will carry your purchase order Reference field contents over to the purchase invoice Order number field. In other words, Manager treats the contents of this field as your number, not the supplier’s number. Not only now, but with future changes, you might end up with the wrong numbers in unexpected places, because the program is going to continue to treat this field as being your number.

Originally, the Invoice number field on purchase invoices was meant for the supplier sales invoice reference. It can still be used for that, with manual entries, assuming you don’t want to number your purchase invoices sequentially with internal numbers. Otherwise, a custom field like you now have is probably a better idea.

OK cheers i thought that might be the answer i will continue like you say , using my custom field , thanks for your prompt replies.