Purchase Order Custom Field Auto Update (Feature)

Is it in anyway possible to to have Manager update a custom field on for instance PO?
I would like to create PO with custom field dropdown “Processed Yes/No”. So, when you copy to Purchase invoice it can update to Yes and have standard as No if you have not processed it yet.

There would be three difficulties (at least) with your suggestion:

  1. How would Manager know that the entire purchase order had been processed? Perhaps there was a partial shipment with partial invoicing.

  2. You might copy to a purchase invoice as a way of initiating a new, similar purchase invoice for which you did not previously issue a purchase order. Nothing requires that purchase invoice be preceded by a purchase order.

  3. Purchase orders are not financial transactions. They are merely an optional way of sending orders to suppliers. It seems like poor practice to have administrative forms be automatically updated as though they were accounting transactions.

Yeah didn’t even think of the challenges of #1. Thanx for the insight.