Feature request: po confirmation

Hi Guys
We raise about 6-7 PO’s a day and the Deliveries at times come with coupled PO’s and in random order, end of month we find it difficult to track them down (going back and forth from PO’s to PI’s just to confirm).

It would be wonderful if you guys could have a “Full-filled in green maybe” Flag for all the Purchase Orders that was processed into Purchase Invoice.

and an option to cancel a PO (without deleting) with “Cancelled” Label respectively

Just a thought

Add a custom field of the dropdown type. Let the options be Cancelled, Fulfilled, and whatever else you want. Set it up to show as a column and it will appear in the PO tab listing.

I totally forgot about this man
Thanks again

@Premm I suggest the custom field method for you. However, order management must be added in the future, it must be automatic. By clicking on purchase order or sales orders, you should see the order total, the delivered or invoiced total and the remaining order total.

So whenever you receive a purchase invoice for example, you check the purchase order number on the invoice, search and click to view the order and select copy to invoice. Manager would then subtract the invoice amount from the order total (tracking the delivery of individual items on the order) and display the balance on the order. Same if you received goods. If you received goods and entered it against the order and the invoice came later, enter the invoice with the goods received number, so manager will know by the goods received number that that the amount has been deducted from the order already, if there are extra cost lines on the invoice manager should compare and deduct only those from the order.

Same will be for sales order management

And when the delivery date passes the app should tell you by maybe changing the remaining order amount to red or something or flag it.

Order management is a very important tool in supply chain and procurement management in the modern business

This is the only thing I envy about quick books as compared to Manager. It automatically tracks Inventory and Non inventory items on orders and shows their balances. It even tells you you have an order pending for a particular vendor if you select them for a new purchase invoice (Same for customers on entering sales invoices)

I have ideas to suggest but I want to wait for many crucial features to be implemented first.

@Tut @lubos @Brucanna comments?

I hope they will upgrade this feature too mate

Your ideas are good ones, @Abeiku. In fact, I see elements in what you suggest that might be integrated with inventory locations to streamline that functionality. As you know, initial rollout of features has sometimes been a little rough. But they tend to get better over time. (Think of integrated cash accounts, custom control accounts, PDF generation.)

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