PO allowing to create purchase invoice more than PO quantity

I’ve created a Purchase Order for qty 35 and once I receive the material, I’m going to PO click on copy which will create purchase invoice. I’m happy with that. However, if we go to PO again and click on copy still manager is allowing to create another invoice. The PO is already invoiced and I’m not sure why manager is still allowing to create invoice.

Is there any way to restrict not use POs which are already invoiced?

No, because someone might want to copy a purchase order as the basis for a different purchase invoice. After all, purchase invoices do not require that you precede them with a purchase order.


Thanks for the post. It makes sense. But when we copy by default PO number will come which will show up in invoice also which is incorrect as PO qty is already billed and no other invoices should refer to same PO.

Yes, we can change the PO number in invoice but it doesn’t make sense, since we can copy form correct PO number. Or system should not copy PO number for which quantity is already billed.

It would be better allowing to copy to new PO rather than invoice. Since we don’t have any status on POs (Ordered, Received, Billed) it is recommended not use POs any longer unless creating new POs.