Purchase Invoices - Item Codes - Item Names - Search Function

Now that Item code is added to Purchase items, when adding invoices from suppliers we should be able to search that said “item code” as well as the “item name” of the item we use to find it.
Otherwise we will end up using both Item code cell and Item Name for the same information duplicating the item’s name.

It is normaly easier to add an item when you are adding a new supplier invoice to manager by “item code”, rather than “item name”. But some invoices don’t use item codes at all, and all you get is a description of the item.

The search should look up into both I believe.

I agree that the search should allow you to use item code as well as item name even though I never use the code to search as my codes are like S26391-F1337-L100 which are obviously hard to remember!

However this whole issue is very difficult to solve because some people don’t use codes at all and the secondary issue is that of the description field - some people like myself want a name field (on the invoice) and a separate description field such as Fujitsu Lifebook E546 for the name that the customer sees and the specifications for memory, hard drive in the description field. However, this presents problems in the reports section.

In short, everyone wants to use the fields in a different way, so it poses problems for how to set it up so that it works for everyone and also works in reports etc. But in the main I agree with you, it should have the ability to search for codes even though I myself wouldn’t use this functionality. But a lot of companies do use item codes. I think that the developer should be able to add that functionality without disrupting the reports etc.