Make inventory item codes history more searchable

Today, if you look up the code of an existing inventory item in the inventory item tab, it will return historical information if you have a related Purchase invoice, Sales Invoice, Goods Receipt, or Delivery Note.
It would be great if the inventory items could be searched in Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Quotes and Purchase Orders. I have a customer that tends to send duplicate requests, and it would be great to see beforehand if I have quoted before and he has not purchased (as an example).
No idea if this is something that can be done easily, it’s worth asking.

I am not sure what you mean by this statement. A search of the Inventory Items tab with the code of an inventory item as the criteria returns no historical information. It will return all listings containing that text string.

No, it would not be easy. The search function searches what is displayed onscreen, as well as any similar content that would show on subsequent pages of the same listing. It does not search within transactions or records.

This greatly limits the functionality of the purchasing and inventory modules. Let’s say you get an order o two items from a customer, you place an order to your supplier, he only supplies (and invoices one) and the other one is on back-order. How can you check on Manager the status of your back-orders? I am assuming that, as is usually the case, the supplier only invoices once the item is available for delivery. It becomes a serious problem if you have a large inventory. Is there any plans to fix this issue? It is a must for my company, and unfortunately a deal-breaker in using Manager. I believe only the developers will be able to answer that, not sure how to bring it up to them.