Purchase Invoice Items and Sales Invoice Items Part Codes Column

I have just been reviewing my summary expenses and I have discovered that if I use the description field for the part code of the product, then when I view the accounts in summary by clicking on say stationery under expenses on the summary page, I am seeing only the part code for the product as I am using the description field for the part code for some items as this makes it easier to re-order.

I think we need a part codes column for Purchase and Sales invoice Items like we have in the inventory tab. Then I can move the part codes to that column and use the description column to tell Manager more about the product so I know what the product is when I click on stationery in the summary tab.

I suppose I could create a custom column for this and it would serve my purpose, but I am thinking from a point of consistency view, it may pay to have a product code column included in the invoice items as you already do for inventory and I would presume that most businesses if not all would use the product code anway.

Iā€™m planning to improve this part of the program.

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