How to handle credit note from supplier as a debit note


I’m wondering how to handle a credit note from a supplier, because of false invoicing.


Received an invoice from supplier for a service

Made a ‘purchase invoice’ and made a ‘payment’

Supplier changed the amount of the invoice by sending a credit note

Made a ‘debit note’ choosing the purchase invoice number in the drop-down menu of the note (accounts payable for the supplier is altered to a minus amount, a debt, the ‘balance due’ I mean and says ‘overpaid’)

The supplier doesn’t refund, because I purchase a lot.

So now the next purchase is done and received an invoice from the supplier.

Made a new ’ purchase invoice’ for a new purchase, but I won’t actually pay the amount, because it has to be added up to the debt the supplier has with me and since the amount is smaller than the actual debt, there is still an amount of debt to me left.

How do I handle this in the correct way in Manager? Can anyone help me with this please?

In the debit note set allocation to “Automatic” and then the debit note will be allocated to future purchase invoices until it is fully utilised.

Hello AJD, thanks for the answer.

I set the ‘Reference’ to automatic in the debit note

In 'Suppliers → ‘Transactions’ it does add up and the debt the supplier has deminishes correctly

But in ‘Purchase Invoices’ still the original invoice stays ‘overpaid’ with the same amount

and the new ‘Purchase Invoice’ stays open with the total amount and the ‘Due in … days’

I expect that the new invoice will become ‘Paid in full’ and the invoice that still has debt says ‘Overpaid’, and the amount of the new invoice has been added up to the amount of the ‘overpaid’ amount of the debet note.

Or is this not the way it works?

It is not the “Reference” that needs to be set to “Automatic” it is the highlighted field in the following snap shot.

Click on the “x” and the field will change to “Automatic” like this:


Thank you very much!