Purchase Invoice & Payment Templates

I have been adding data to Purchase Invoice and I view a detailed template with each row representing an item or service. That’s awesome.

Then I want to make a payment so I link the payment to the purchase invoice. But when I view the payment template and it only displays what I type into the description field.
Is there a way to combine the two as seen in the image below?

The image below was generated by saving the Payment and Purchase Invoice as PDF and I combined the two using Adobe Acrobat.

Thank you for your help.

That combination isn’t available, but why do you need this?


Thank you for your reply.

This is only for informative purposes. This printed document will convey exactly what this payment is in reference to. I give this to my supplier and he signs it to say that he received the check.

Ultimately I would also scan a copy of the cheque and paste at the bottom of this document before printing.

If I were to make a payment without a purchase invoice then these details will show.

Anyway, doing it manually doesn’t take too much time.

Again, thank you. :wink:

@Kareem, after the purchase invoice is paid, if you view it again, it will show the amount paid and any balance remaining. The only change between that and what you put together with Acrobat is the title. And when we make payments, normal accounting practice is not to give the supplier a voucher showing we paid, but to get a receipt from the supplier.

It seems that the purchase invoice, which will show all the same information, should be sufficient. What benefit do you gain by having the supplier sign a payment voucher you generated, except that you are doing his work for him?

Hi Tut,

Thanks for your reply.

Please note that I am using Manager mostly to keep the cash flow organised. Some of the companies/suppliers we deal with are not that professional. Furthermore, to be honest, I’m not an accountant myself. Instead we, as a start up company, have hired an accountant/auditor who deal with the local formalities that only he knows how to to deal with.

Some suppliers give receipts, and others don’t, hence why I need their signature. The only benefit I get is to have a clear documented representation what each payment is for in order to present it to our accountant.

Having said that, I am not against learning how to do things the right way in accounting, which is why I’m always reading the forums and the guides provided by Manager, which are extremely helpful on so many instances.

I hope I have not caused any confusion.

Again, Thank you

@Kareem, you might think about adding a custom field to your purchase invoice for a supplier signature. There are topics about that on the forum.

Yeah I saw that one. I like it.

Thanks allot Tut. Much appreciated.