Part Number Column in Sales Quote

How do I create a Part Number column in my Sales and Purchase Order quotes and invoices? When I send out an official quote to a customer it is mandatory for me to have a part number for each product. Thanks for your help!

It’s not possible to add new column. Can you mention “part number” in description column?

I could, but it would end up looking unprofessional. I realized later, that there is no part numbers and description in Supplier Invoices, and no part numbers in Sales Invoice. This means, that while this software works very well for accounting, I cannot use it to send quotes to customers or purchase orders to suppliers. For this I would still require to use some other software.

When you create your items, do you name them by part number or you use some different identifier?

I believe the Part No. requirement is an important one too.

When creating (or importing) inventory items, a field called “name” (if I remember correctly) is the identifier of the item, however on my invoicing screen, this column is not named - but shows up and is how we choose inventory items.

Is it not possible to include this “name” field in printed forms such as quotes and invoices?
If it is I would like to know how too. For most of my customers it would not be a disaster if they did not know the part no. but for some and particularly for quotes etc, a part No. (or “name”) needs to be there to prevent ambiguity and or provide surety that both sides are talking about the same thing.

It is likely in many business that have inventory to sell that descriptions are similar (or even the same) with minor differences and the part no. or “name” which is already there in the database - would be really good to have it printed out.

So in summary - me too Please :smiley:

You can add the item name column on printed invoices now when you use HTML Custom theme, see forum -

Data bind variable for inventory items name for invoice template?

I use item name for part numbers and descriptions for descriptions.

Quotes haven’t had custom HTML templates added yet but will be coming soon I’m sure.

Thanks Itmoto,

This is great news indeed. I did have a look at the HTML themes option to see if I could understand the language and I am afraid it left me scratching my head :frowning: - Or wait until there are some samples showing exactly how to do it.

Perhaps there will be some we could download from a library and make small modifications to it. When I get the system running I would also consider paying to have a custom form created - but very early days for me - I have only just struggled through the first invoice today - and I am discovering more every time I sit down to get a feel for Manager - so I will be better able to have another look at it with some knowledge in a month or two.

I’m planning to add Items column on default invoice template when printed so it won’t be necessary to use custom HTML theme. This will effectively resolve this “part number” column issue.

That would be great. Thank you.

In the latest version (14.8.41), you should see Item column on invoice by default.

With the old way, we had Item Name and Description almost the same, for searching the product on Invoice creation.

Now, with version 14.8.41, the Invoice shows 2 identical columns. So I tried to change the Item Name with the Part Number of Inventory Items. The drop down list, now, shows only the Part Numbers, so, for me anyway, it’s impossible to find Inventory Items for the Invoice.

Any ideas?

OK, I will need to make it so when searching item in drop-down, it will search through descriptions too.


I have a few questions on this one, some probably basic, and some not so.

  1. How do I change the “Name” Column on Inventory Items to Part Numbers?
  2. When I make a Sales Quote, and if I type the part number or description in the Item Field, is it supposed to Search from the Inventory List (Part Numbers & Description) and choose the entry according to what I type? Has this been implemented? I tried to see if this works, but my Item List is empty, even though I filled up a few Inventory Items
  3. I really need the part number to show - on Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices - Everywhere - because my business (and I assume many other trading businesses), is very Part Number driven.

That said, while Quoting is still a problem with Manager, the Accounting bit works like a charm, and I can’t seem to do without it.

I got most of the above questions figured out, and the Sales Quote seems to work perfectly fine.

Lubos, I am just wondering however, if you were able to make that change when searching item in drop down list, it ends up searching for description too? I am facing the same problem ntrim is facing… Too many part numbers in my inventory, and it is impossible to find the product I want, with only part number search.

Although it’s not that obvious yet, it is searching through descriptions too.