Product code in Purchase Orders

I know that you said somewhere that you wil be making changes to inventory in the future, but for the interim, would it be possible to include a column that includes the product codes field in inventory as I am finding frequently that I have to go into purchase orders to see what I want to order and then go into inventory items to get the part codes to place the order online. A quick fix to this problem would be gratefully received.

Not sure I understand this correctly. Can you show some screenshots of your current workflow and how it could be improved?

This is the purchase order/invoice template

This is the inventory tab template

When I am ordering a number of items, I will open up sales quote, convert to a purchase order and remove whatever items I don’t need from that purchase order. Then I will go the suppliers website and place the order for the items on the purchase order/invoice.

However, the purchase order does not contain the code column, so I always have to go into inventory items and find each item and the corresponding part code to place the order for that product online.

So for example, I want to buy nine Lifefbook E546 laptops - on the purchase order I do not have the part code, so I have to go to inventory and find the part code VFY: XXX

How did you set up these inventory items? What are the column names in your second image?

The reason why I’m asking is because purchase orders definitely show inventory codes.

I think that I know why you are confused. The reason is as explained in this post - What am I doing wrong here?

The bottom line is that in order to get inventory items, sales invoices, delivery notes etc to work properly ie consistently I have to put the product manufacturer in the first column (your code column) and I put the product code in the second column (your name column) and I put the description in your description column. As explained in my other topic, if I put the code in the code column then the workflow fails.

So technically you are correct. The code column does show on the purchase order but I cannot use that column for the part code because then I cannot see manufacturer and model details so I have been using the code column for the name of laptop etc. So in essence I am without the part code.

Considering the latest update, the issue remains with delivery notes because they still don’t show Item Code on delivery note. Is that correct?

Using version 16.3.20

In delivery notes - I only see one column - description - I need to have the name of the product there too!

In inventory items I have the code field and the name field and the description field.

In sales quotes/invoices and purchase orders/invoice I have account inventory on hand, then inventry item field (which pulls the code column) and then description.

The problem is that I need the name column and code column pulled from inventry items for purchase orders and purchase invoices and I need the code column pulled from the inventry items for the sales quote/invoices. However the code and name column are currently the wrong way around ie need to be renamed code to name and name to code! I am using the code column for the product name as this is the only field that shows in sales quotes/invoices and purchase orders/invoices.

So the problem is threefold. The delivery note only shows the description field. The Purchase orders/invoices only show the code column (which I am using for the product names) and the description column so I have nowhere to view the part codes. The sales quotes/invoices are only pulling the code and description column which is fine if you are using the code column for the product name as the customers don’t need the code on their invoice.

I hope that you understand what I mean. I think the linked post explains it better.

Before you respond to this, read my post in the changelog 16.3.19 as I now understand how you intend the workflow process to actually work. I had not realised that you had intended to integrate the product name and product description into the description field. My work process has always been three fields. Product name like Laptop Manufacturer and Model, then Part code, then description. This is why I have been confused about the workflow not working. As I said read my post in the other topic as I have recommended that the workflow solution be to have a product name field (which is visible to the customers), a part code field (which may or may not be visible to the customer, but definitely visible to the suppliers and then finally the description field. Thanks