Inventory Reports - When descriptions are too long for Items

I am having a challenge with the Inventory reports. Since some of my inventory line items have a very long description (which is essential to be entered in full for both Invoicing Client and purchase order to vendor), when I try to generate reports, they look like this…

In other words, impossible to make sense of the report without moving curson back and forth. With an option for fixed column sizes/word wrap I think this can be sorted… IS it possible?

I see that for Inventory Value Movement Report, you have gotten rid of the description column and made it only on Name/Part No column.

While this makes it easier to check the inventory items, now I cannot figure out what item is showing, since the part number is just a number - it is the description that helps me identity the item.

The solution would be having both Name & Description columns (but with fixed column width so that it doesn’t stretch endlessly like in my first example.

Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency. Obviously both reports should show the same identifier for inventory items.

Now, the question is what should be this identifier? I agree description shouldn’t be included on reports.

However if inventory item codes are too abstract to you, why not invent some short names for your inventory items which could be shown on reports and when doing data-entry?

My proposal would be to keep Description field as it is, add new Code field where you would enter the inventory part. no and the Name field could be then used for some short name which has more meaning to you than part number. On reports, you would see Code and Name, not Description.


Yes - There is a good idea there, although I would request you to not touch Name field - I am already using it as a Part Number Field right now - and changing it would mean my whole data would change - I am using the cloud version - so my live data may become very difficult to make sense of.

However, I do like the idea of having another Field “Code” in which I would have a short 2-3 word Nickname for the product - and in the inventory reports you can have Name (which would be part numbers in my case) and Code (the nick names) - so that it becomes easy to understand.

This will make sense to me, and meanwhile - my purchase orders, purchase invoices and sales invoices will have part no (Name, in my case), and Description - without having the nicknames, which will suit me perfectly.

What do you think?

OK, so first I have renamed “Name” field to “SKU”.

Then I’ve added new field called “Internal Name” which will show on inventory-related reports instead of item description.

This is available in version 15.0.40

Excellent. This works perfectly. Thank you:)