Purchase and Sales Report

Dear Developer,

Please let me know if the software has the option to add columnar fields when the list of purchase invoices/sales invoices/ debit notes/credit notes is generated. The columnar field of Tax rate and Tax amount would very much help us in preparing effective and detailed VAT tax computations.

Also can we also please split purchase list between Import and Domestic Purchases. The import purchases are subject to RCM provisions under tax laws in most of the countries. which have to be disclosed separately.

The tax reports in Manager can give all the tax information you need

Some countries have localisation features that provide local reports

Wgat country are you talking about?

This is India and UAE. and ours is a trading business.

The tax report is providing me with the details of purchase and expense transactions (combined in one list) in which tax is charged.

We also need a list of Import purchases on which tax has not been levied in the purchase invoice as per the local export laws of the country from which they are being imported but which is subject to tax under Reverse Charge mechanism.

Doesn’t the localization already do that?

Could you please elaborate more?

You can check the localizations server to see the country specific reports that are given in localizations:

To install the localization in a business, you can follow this guide: