Report for Purchase and Sales invoices lines with Tax

I am looking to export or report that show all the purchase invoices lines and sales invoices lines with their tax.
maybe something like this:

Description | Value | Tax

If there is non exist, I don’t mind doing custom report or some post-processing in Excel after the export.

Any idea?

Do the Tax Summary or Tax Transactions reports not provide what you need?

That only show transactions with tax.
It excludes the one without tax.

I am trying to get all of the transactions within a period and showing their tax .

Yes, those reports will show only transactions where tax code has been selected. Transactions without tax code have no place in those reports.

If you want to make sure all transactions have correct tax code assigned, have a look at Tax Audit report which is basically a Trial Balance segmented by tax code. It also shows one column for all transactions without tax code.

Thank you.
I think that looks good.

Can I export all of its detail item instead of navigating to each one of them and export?

You can export what appears on any screen in Manager. But the exports do not include data that doesn’t show.